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Vice Dean Message

Statement of The Vice Deanship of Scientific Research for Women’s Sections:

     I would like to welcome you to the website of the Vice Deanship of Scientific Research for women’s’ sections at King Saud University, in which we seek to provide research services and support to the researchers in order to raise the research level and to improve scientific publishing in various scientific fields both in quantity and quality. Therefore, achieving the University’s mission by producing creative research that serves society and contributes to building the knowledge economy.

     With this in mind and with Allah's support and then with the continuous support of the University administration, the Deanship of Scientific Research has launched several programs and research services to promote scientific research. A range of programs were launched to support joint research work in interdisciplinary disciplines, such as the "Research Groups" program, the "High Cited International Research Groups" program and the "Research Chairs" program. This is in addition to other programs that support the researchers and the new faculty members such as the "New Faculty Grants (Raed)" and the "Book Authoring Support" Program.

The Deanship is also keen to support research and scientific publishing in the colleges through the launch of the "Support of Research Centers in Colleges" program, in which faculty members and postgraduate students are supported in all female colleges at the KSU women’s campus through two centers, the Scientific and Medical Studies Research Center and the Humanitarian Studies Research Center. Additionally, the Deanship is keen on promoting the culture of scientific research among undergraduate students and encourage them to participate in the research activity at the university under the supervision of faculty members through the launch of the "Undergraduate Research Support” Program.

The Deanship of Scientific Research has initiated many initiatives supporting the scientific research system, in order to achieve its objectives in raising the level of research and promoting scientific publishing in prestigious scientific journals. Therefore, the "Research Support and Services Unit "was established to support the research by providing many services such as statistical consultations, editing, and language proofreading, and translation services, in addition to other services such as research citations and scientific publishing. Moreover, the deanship launched the "Scientific Production Base System" to document the scientific research output of the University’s faculty of published scientific papers, books, scientific letters and patents. The Deanship also allocated an annual award launched by the University named "King Saud Prize for Excellence in Science" in eight categories; in order to encourage researchers and motivate them to greater excellence, creativity and scientific competition.

The Deanship has also endeavored to apply the ethical standards to all research through the formation of the "Committee for the Ethics of Scientific Research", which is concerned in this regard in addition to periodic evaluation and supervision of the sub-committees in the colleges.

     Finally, it is my pleasure to invite you all to join us and to have a good time browsing our website to recognize what the Deanship of Scientific Research can offer you of different research funding programs and services for researchers at King Saud University.


                                                                       Vice Deanship of Scientific Research

                                                                          For Women’s Sections

                                                                  Dr. Abeer AbdulMoati Al-Masri


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:31am