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Postgraduate student support program for research plans and scientific publishing

Postgraduate Student Support Program
Research plans and scientific publishing



Graduate students represent the main human resource for scientific research in universities, and financial support for research plans and published scientific papers for students is considered one of the basic requirements for this stage. The Deanship of Scientific Research noted that the method currently used in supporting graduate students and researchers through research centers needs to be developed and improved to remove one of the most important difficulties they face, which may lead to their reluctance and delay in their research achievements due to the large number of steps and the slow completion of procedures.

the program

The Deanship of Scientific Research proposes this program to simplify the process of applying for support directly to it, decide on those requests as quickly as possible, and complete disbursement procedures through the Deanship without returning or committing to apply to research centers in colleges, which speeds up the process of obtaining support for graduate students at the beginning of their research and motivates them to Scientific publishing in high-quality publishing outlets.


Reducing and simplifying procedures for supporting students and researchers.

Reducing the burdens of administrative research centers and giving them the opportunity to play their role in supporting researchers and students scientifically.

Helping to accelerate the research process for postgraduate students and their completion of the study within the specified period.

Exploiting financial resources fairly to support all graduate students at the university without relying on the performance of research centers.

Motivating students to publish scientifically in high-quality scientific journals.

Supporting postgraduate students’ dissertation projects

The Deanship of Scientific Research supports the dissertations of male and female graduate students in all specializations after the research plan is approved by the Deanship of Graduate Studies and they are submitted directly.

Application conditions and procedures

1- The applicant is obligated to write the full name as it appears on the national ID for Saudis and the residence permit for non-Saudis.

2- Attach a statement with the approval of the Deanship of Graduate Studies.
3- Application must be based on the Deanship of Scientific Research forms.
4- Application for support must be made within a maximum of two years from the approval of the Deanship of Graduate Studies.
5- The support is not disbursed after discussing the thesis.

Forms must be sent to

Budget controls

1- The student submits a detailed budget that includes the costs of spending on research, including materials and supplies, taking into account that the deanship does not support the following items:

• Purchasing electronic devices that the university provides to students, such as computers and printers.
• Purchasing computer programs available at the university.
• Transportation expenses inside and outside the city where the student is located.
• Buy books and scientific references.
• Print the Letter.
• statistical analysis.
• Linguistic checking and translation.

2- Applications are presented to the Financial Committee of the Deanship of Scientific Research, which decides the appropriate financial support for the student’s research plan

3- The student is committed to paying financial support in accordance with the controls of the unified regulations for scientific research.

4- The student is obligated to attach payment invoices approved by the thesis supervisor.

5- The student is obligated to write thanks to the Deanship of Scientific Research in the scientific thesis and the published papers extracted from it.

6- The student submits a form pledging the university’s ownership of the thesis and with the approval of the supervisors to arrange the placement of names on the published scientific papers and those extracted from them.

7- Master’s student will be given support for the research plan, not exceeding five thousand riyals (5,000).

8- PHD student will be given support for the research plan, not exceeding ten thousand riyals (10,000).


Submission form to support a research plan


Supporting published research for graduate students

The Deanship of Scientific Research supports scientific papers published by graduate students in journals included in the Web of Science database ( Web of science )

Application conditions and procedures:

1- The student is entitled to a reward for scientific papers published during his studies or one year after the date of the discussion only.

2- Application must be based on the Deanship of Scientific Research forms.

3- The student’s affiliation with King Saud University appears in the published scientific paper, and the student is the primary researcher or correspondent.

4- The paper contains the appropriate wording of thanks to the Deanship of Scientific Research - Graduate Student Support Program :

The authors would like to thank the Deanship of scientific research at King Saud University for funding and supporting this research through the initiative of DSR Graduate Students Research Support (GSR)

5- The student attaches evidence that the scientific paper appears on the Science Network website.

6- Support is provided for research published in journals included in the Web of Science database, provided that the journal has an Impact Factor greater than zero.

7- The student is committed not to publish in hijacked journals or journals for which the Deanship of Scientific Research has issued a non-acceptance circular.

8- Acceptable scientific papers are only published scientific research, Research Article, and other types are not accepted.

9- Taking into account the rules governing the ethics of scientific research.

10- The research should not be supported by another party within the university.

11- Papers in which the similarity or quotation percentage does not exceed 25% will be accepted.

12- The Deanship does not accept research published in journals ranked in the last 10% of specialty journals according to the Web of Science classification.

13- The amounts are disbursed directly from the Deanship of Scientific Research as a reward and not a repayable advance.

14- Send the papers and forms to the email

Submission form to support published research



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