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Review Articles Program


The “Review Articles Program” is one of the initiatives of the Institutional Fund Program for Research and Innovation in Universities, which is adopted by the Ministry of Education in order to develop a map for research, development and innovation in Saudi Universities. And in order to achieve the objectives of the strategic plan for scientific research at King Saud University, which seeks leadership in the quality of research production and its distinction in the main strategic branches of knowledge, this program initiative is launched as one of the important research outputs that aims to support distinguished publishing in review research studies, which will add a lot of research and scientific expertise based on cumulative knowledge of researchers.


  • The applicant researcher should be a faculty member, or a researcher at King Saud University.
  • The priority of fund support is given to those who published review articles in the first quarter (Q1) of classified journals within the Web of Science.
  • The applicant researcher must commit to publishing in one of the six research priority areas identified within the institutional funding program.
  • The applicant researcher should be committed to publishing only in the journals classified within the Web of Science that fall in the first (Q1) or second quarter (Q2) thereof.
  • The applicant researcher should be the first author "primary investigator (PI)" in the published research work.
  • The publishing research team should not be less than (50%) of King Saud University faculties/researchers.
  • The applicant researcher and the co-researchers affiliated with King Saud University must indicate their affiliation with the university as a first affiliation in the published review article.
  • The correspondent author must use King Saud University e-mail in all correspondence related to the scientific publication of the research.
  • Researches whose similarity percentage exceeds 25% are not accepted.
  • The necessity to adhere to the rules and standards of ethics for scientific research.
  • Upon publishing the research work, the applicant researcher has to be obligated to thank the Deputyship for Research and Innovation, “Ministry of Education” in and out of Saudi Arabia for funding the research work through the given project No., and to state the acknowledgement as follows:

 “The authors extend their appreciation to the Deputyship for Research and Innovation, “Ministry of Education” in Saudi Arabia for funding this research work through the Project no. (IFKSURP-000).”


  • Applications will be received electronically starting from 8/3/1442 (25/10/2020) for one week via the website 

For more information, please contact us via the program’s e-mail:

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