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About Institutional funding


Producing creative community service research studies that contribute to the process of moving the Saudi economy towards sustainable future economies by adopting an effective and productive research environment in addition to the optimal use of resources and technologies and activating international cooperation.



Expanding and strengthening the research base at King Saud University by focusing on advanced technologies of strategic importance to the economic and industrial sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, such as energy, water, oil, petrochemicals, mining, advanced materials, health, tourism, antiquities, education, communications, information technology, agriculture, transportation, environment, space, aeronautics, defence, security, nuclear science, and applied physics First priority.

  • The excellence in research and scientific outcomes that KSU aims to produce creative research to serve society and contribute to transforming the Saudi economy toward a sustainable future through a conducive research atmosphere, optimal use of resources, technologies and effective international collaborations.
  • The innovation/commercialization challenges that KSU aims to strengthen and enlarge KSU research by focusing on advanced technologies of strategic importance to KSA economic and industrial sectors, such as; energy, water, oil, petrochemicals, mining, advanced materials, health, tourism, archaeology, education, communication and IT, agriculture, transportation, environment, space and aeronautics, defense and security, nuclear science and applied physics.
  • The economic and/or industrial sectors that KSU will target to be the focal point in shaping KSA's innovation capabilities stated in the SAUDI VISION2030. Focusing resources on specific areas of research and scholarship where KSA has critical needs. Aiming at declining the dependence on natural resources and building the Saudi knowledge economy.
  • The societal issues or community challenges that KSU aims to contribute to supporting societal issues and solving community challenges, KSU research aims to enhance health and social services to the entire Saudi community. KSU houses a multi-disciplinary medical city with the finest technology and state-of-the-art facilities best suited for clinical trials. KSU research and development will continue to complement the existing wide-range and extensive healthcare, social services, research-based consulting and professional services.



King Saud University, being a comprehensive university for several disciplines, aims to be a starting point for the process of forming innovation capabilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was stipulated in the Saudi Vision 2030, and to focus resources towards specific areas of research and knowledge that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia urgently needs to reach the desired goal of reducing dependence on natural resources and building a knowledge economy, and it aims to:

First Goal: Leading research scale and excellence in key strategic research areas of strength including human-wellbeing; education and nanotechnology.

Second Goal: Enhancing the distinctive capabilities and infrastructure needed to be national and international leaders in key STEM disciplines including energy, petrochemicals; digital innovations, water, food and the environment.

Third Goal: Augmenting and broadening research partnerships locally and globally to build high quality and impact research.

Fourth Goal: Deepening research in social sciences and humanities to contribute in solving complex issues facing Saudi society.

Research Priorities 

  1. Clean and sustainable energy systems
  2. Human wellbeing
  3. Digital innovations
  4. Food, water and environment
  5. Petrochemical
  6. STEM education

Applications to the Institutional Fund Initiatives can be submitted electronically according to the announced submission duration dates for each initiative.


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