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Technical Research Training Specialized Research Technique(s)

Technical Research Training Specialized Research Technique(s)


Online Research Preparation Course:

  • The program offers an online fundamental research preparation course in the “Basics of Scientific Research” for the enrolled undergraduate investigators.
  • Course Objectives:
  1. To prepare the undergraduates students for the research process.
  2. To develop research skills for the undergraduate students.
  3. To train the undergraduate students in writing research proposals.
  4. To establish the concept of the basics of scientific research.
  5. To strengthen and promote the culture of scientific research.
  • All enrolled students should complete this research preparation training course.

Supporting sectors: The Deanship of E-Transactions and Communications at King Saud University.


Research Development Training Techniques:

  • Enrolled students can apply to the program’s administration requesting coordination for training in any specialized laboratory research technique in order to develop their research skills that can be applied in either their particular project or for general learning purpose. However, the program will not cover any training expenses.
  • The program requires a report from the training entity which evaluates student performance during the training process.

Supporting sectors: Research chairs, research centres and specialized labs at King Saud University.


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