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Undergraduate Researchers

For Undergraduate Researchers

  • Research proposals should be submitted by undergraduate students at King Saud University.
  • The undergraduate student is allowed to participate in two research proposals within the ‎same ‎cycle.
  • An undergraduate student is not entitled to participate as a principal investigator in more ‎than one research project within the same cycle. However, he/she may ‎participate as a principal investigator and a ‎co-investigator, or as a co-investigator in a maximum of two research ‎proposals in the same cycle. ‎ ‏ ‏
  • Priority of acceptance will be for proposals submitted by undergraduates who did not have the ‎opportunity to participate in the program previously. ‎
  • Applications will not be accepted after the end of the specified submission period.
  • Research proposals should be ready for implementation after ‎signing the contract. ‎
  • Proposed projects should be completed within one year from the date of signing ‎the contract. However, graduation and internship projects’ intended period of completion would be determined according to the expected date of graduation.
  • The project supervisor should provide a detailed evaluation report of the student’s performance during ‎the middle and the end of the research project.
  • The undergraduate researcher (and the supervisor) must submit a final copy of the completed research ‎project to the program’s administration at the end of the agreed period.
  • Students applying for a graduation or internship project must submit the final copy of the completed research to the program’s administration prior to their graduation. Consequently, they should communicate with the program’s administration after publication of the research for post-publication support. ‎
  • The student researcher (and the supervisor) should submit the scientific ethical approval for their research project (if required) to the program’s administration during the agreed research period, maximum with the mid- report submission and before receiving the financial support.
  • The student’s reward  is only provided after the publication of the research, with the requirement to write the program’s approved acknowledgement in the published paper. ‎
  • Research applications can be accepted for an individual student researcher or for a group of student researchers, provided that the student’s award  is to be divided equally between them.
  • ‏The terms of spending the research allocated budget ‏‎should comply with the unified regulations determined for scientific research ‎at King Saud University. Accordingly‎‏, 60%‎ of the budget items should be allocated to the research materials and tools and 40% ‎to the human resources and manpower as approved by the financial administration at the university. ‎
  • Upon publication of the research project, the published paper should include the approved acknowledgement to the Undergraduate Research Support Program at the Deanship of Scientific Research at King Saud University for supporting the research, as stated below in the Approved Acknowledgment section.
  • The program accepts applications to support post-publication proposals from students who are not enrolled in the program under the condition that the published paper should include the statement of approved acknowledgement to the program. ‎
  • The post-publication support will be divided with the participating student(s) such that two-thirds are to be submitted to the supervisor, from which the supervisor can use to pay off the publication fees, and one-third to the student investigator(s).
  • The value of the outstanding publication bonus shall be determined according to the classification of the published scientific journal.
  • The reward for participation in scientific conferences shall be divided equally among the participating students.
  • The reward for attaining a scientific award shall be divided equally among the participating students.
  • Students must commit to the ethics of scientific research at all the stages of the research project in accordance with the Charter of Ethics of Scientific Research. For more information, please visit the following link:  .
  • Special cases shall be submitted to the Supervisory Committee of the program for discussion and consideration. Proposed recommendations are forwarded to the Deanship for the final decision.

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