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Writing books Initiative


- Introduction

- Objectives

- Targets

- Terms and controls

- Submission mechanism



The importance of the book lies in it being one of the most important pillars of knowledge, scientific research and learning. Based on the university’s mission to disseminate science, the Deanship of Scientific Research, in cooperation with the Scientific Council, facilitated the launch of the initiative “Supporting the writing of scientific and reference books.” (Does not include books on simplifying science or academic courses).


1- Encouraging faculty members and university researchers to write the reference knowledge book, which contributes to achieving the university’s priorities in research, development and innovation.
2- Spreading knowledge in advanced modern sciences.
3- Enriching the Arabic library with modern, diverse and contemporary literature.
4- Encouraging researchers in the humanities and social disciplines to discuss societal issues and contemporary challenges by writing books.

Targeted people
Faculty members and researchers distinguished scientifically and research

Terms and conditions

1- The authored book must be in one of the scientific, health, or humanitarian fields, which falls within the six research priorities of King Saud University, and in the field of specialization of the author team.
2- Use of modern and diverse scientific references related to the subject of the authored book should be made.
3-The author’s book must have a clear contribution in its field.
4-The researcher submitting the request to write the book must be the main author.
5-The academic degree of the lead author should not be less than the rank of “Assistant Professor” or its equivalent in health colleges.
6-The lead author (the applicant) must have made a contribution in his field of specialization.
7-The authored book must not have been previously published or submitted at the same time as its publication by any other party.
8- Commitment to accuracy of wording, clarity and integrity of language.
9-The applicant must commit to writing according to the plan approved by the initiative.
10- The author must commit to writing a word of thanks in the authored book to the Research and Innovation Agency in the Ministry of Education as the sole body funding this research work, and not to thank any other supporting body inside or outside the Kingdom.
11-The authored book is considered an integrated unit regardless of the number of its parts and is treated in terms of reward as a single book.
12-After approving the authored book, the deanship will publish it electronically only, and if the author wishes to print it in paper, he will bear the printing costs with the university’s approval.
13-King Saud University owns the printing rights for a period of five (5) years from the date of publication of the authored book.
14-The book must not be partially or completely derived from scientific research or a scientific dissertation.
15-The reward determined for authoring each book amounts to a maximum of thirty thousand (30,000) Saudi riyals, and it is disbursed after the author submits the final copies (3 digital copies and one paper copy) complete of the authored book and passes the arbitration stage.
16- Commitment to the rules and standards of scientific research ethics and intellectual property rights.
17-Intellectual property rights are subject to the provisions of the institutional financing agreement.

Submission mechanism

Applications are received by downloading the application form in “Word” format and filling it out starting on 12/26/2021 AD for a period of one month, attaching the required documents and sending it to the initiative’s email IFKSUBW@KSU.EDU.SA in order to complete the application submitted to support the writing of a book.

Form for submitting a request to write a book

For inquiries and more information, you can contact us on the program’s email: IFKSUBW@KSU.EDU.SA

Or contact via landline: 73859

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