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The Annual Scientific Meeting Objective


Annual Scientific Meeting for Undergraduate Researchers

In order to highlight the undergraduate student investigators’ research activity, the Undergraduate Research Support Program (USRP ) holds an annual meeting for its enrolled undergraduate students to present their research outcomes and honor published research projects and distinguished undergraduate researchers.


The Annual Scientific Meeting Objective:

  1. To enhance the role of the Deanship of Scientific Research by encouraging and supporting the undergraduate scientific researches.
  2. To introduce the USRP and its mechanisms of support.
  3.  To present the program’s achievements in previous cycles.
  4. To attract the target groups (undergraduate students and faculty members) to enroll in the program.
  5. To promote the knowledge and understanding of scientific research among undergraduate students.
  6. To present the research outputs of undergraduate students. 
  7. To prepare the undergraduate students for various local and international scientific competitions.
  8. To exchange the research experience among the enrolled undergraduate researchers.
  9. To market the research outputs of undergraduate students (publishers and researchers).
  10. To honor the researchers and distinguished students in the program.
  11. To honor the research faculty supervisors in the program.
  12. To strengthen the connection between the Deanship of Scientific Research and undergraduate students and faculty supervisors.


Targeted Groups

  • Undergraduate students at King Saud University.

  • Faculty members at King Saud University.

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