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Research Assistant Initiative for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Research Assistant Initiative for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

The program offers the opportunity for undergraduates and graduate students at King Saud University in various fields to participate as a research assistant in one of the research projects of the Undergraduate Research Support Program or of other programs  presented by the Deanship of Scientific Research aiming to refine their research skills and provide them with the experience by learning different techniques in addition to giving them the opportunity to participate in the scientific research  process which will enhance their CV and scientific publishing. Consequently, they will receive a certificate highlighting their experience in scientific research. Furthermore, their names will be included in the published paper in the authorship or the acknowledgement section depending on their participation in the research project and in accordance with the scientific research ethics. A written agreement with specified terms and conditions will be supervised by the program’s administration. Neverthless, it should be noted that any training expenses will not be covered by the program.

Supporting sectors: Vice Rector for Female Student Affairs and research centers at King Saud University.


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