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Research publication support

Terms and Conditions for Research publication Support‎:

  • The program offers a financial support after the publication.
  • Writing the approved acknowledgement to the program in the published research is required.
  • The published research should include the student investigator(s) as the author(s), and the order of authorship is arranged in accordance with a prior agreement between the researchers based on the ethical provisions of scientific research. A copy of the Order of Authorship Agreement should be submitted to the Program’s Administration.
  • The post-publication support will be divided with the participating student(s) such that two-thirds are to be submitted to the supervisor, from which the supervisor can use to pay off the publication fees, and one-third to the student investigator(s).
  • The post-publication reward depends on the classification ‎ of the scientific journal in which the paper has been published as displayed below:



Incentive Amount

Index of Venue of Publication


Web of Science-ISI





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