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Program Objectives

  • To promote the knowledge and understanding of scientific research among undergraduate students at King Saud University.
  • To encourage and attract the largest number of undergraduate students at King Saud University and integrate them in the research process.
  • To prepare a qualified generation of researchers in various scientific fields.
  • To prepare, build, and develop the scientific research skills of undergraduate students.
  • To train undergraduate students to perform different research techniques.
  • To provide undergraduate students with the research experience of faculty members at the university.
  • To strengthen the research communication between undergraduate students and ‎faculty members. ‎
  • To instill the values and ethics of scientific research among undergraduate students. ‎
  • To enhance the quality of scientific research production and publication among undergraduate students to serve the research process and enhance the vision of the Deanship of Scientific Research.
  • To encourage undergraduate students’ participation in scientific and international conferences.
  • To enhance competition among undergraduate students for scientific awards.
  • To promote an understanding to a collective scientific teamwork among undergraduate students.
  • To create an attractive environment that supports distinction and creativity in ‎scientific ‎research. ‎
  • To strengthen the role of the Deanship of Scientific Research in promoting and sponsoring academic research projects.


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