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Oriented Research Publishing Support Program - Phase Three


The Deanship of Scientific Research is launching the Third Phase of The Oriented Research Publishing Support Program, which is one of the programs supported by the Ministry of Education within the Research and Innovation Plan of the Institutional Funding Program. Through this program, the Deanship seeks to advance the outputs of scientific research and contribute to building a knowledge society. The Deanship also seeks to enhance the research process, collaboration, and joint research work between researchers with high research experience, juniors, and postgraduate students, in order to advance the research skills and capabilities, within diverse and integrated national research priorities and activities, in addition to raise the level of research production in line with the international standards in force in the most prestigious local, regional, and international universities.


Program’s Goals



Terms and Conditions

  1. The applicant researcher must be a faculty member or a researcher holding a doctorate or equivalent level at King Saud University.
  2. The program allows the application of all members of the affiliated bodies of the university and those related to the research process, such as academic departments, centers, the medical city, etc.
  3. The application request submitted by the researcher is subject to review before obtaining the approval of the Deanship of Scientific Research to join the program.
  4. The researcher must choose a research project within one of the fields of national research priorities, and in the field of specialization of the researcher and the research team.
  5. The researcher must complete and publish ONLY an original research article, either alone or in partnership with researchers from inside or outside the university. Review articles, editorials, proceeding papers, etc. will not be accepted.
  6. The researcher can complete and publish a maximum of three (3) research papers, starting from the approval of his application until the end of the year (2023 AD). The number can be increased after obtaining the approval of the Deanship of Scientific Research.
  7. The scientific paper should be published in a journal included in the Web of Science-ISI database and indexed within the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI-E), or the Social Science Citation Index Expanded (SSCI -E), with an impact factor included in the classification of Journal Citation Reports- JCR average (AJIF) when the paper is published and appears in the WoS list.
  8. Published or accepted articles for publication in journals classified within the bottom 10% of the journals of specialization according to the classification (JCR) in the Web of Knowledge -ISI database shall not be accepted.
  9. The applicant researcher and the research members affiliated with King Saud University must indicate their affiliation with the university as the SOLE affiliation in all scientific publications, as the following statement:

(Department of/Research center/etc.…………, College of……., King Saud University, KSA).

  1. The ONLY entity to be acknowledged for funding this research work outcome is the Agency for Research and Innovation in the Ministry of Education as the SOLE funder, and not to thank any other supporting or funding party inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, provided that the accepted acknowledgement statement is as follows:

“The authors extend their appreciation to the Deputyship for Research & Innovation, Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia for funding this research work through the project no. (IFKSUOR3–X–y).”

Note: X is the contract no. & y is the serial no. of publication

  1. The name of the applicant researcher must be included in all published research work.
  2. Published research articles that has a similarity rate of more than 25% documented using one of the university's accredited programs is not accepted.
  3. Financial support is provided for the research output upon terms and conditions of the Deanship of Scientific Research, and only if the financial allocation is available for the priority and research activity within the program.
  4. The necessity to fully adhere and commit to the rules and standards of Scientific Research Ethics.
  5. Intellectual property rights are subject to the terms of the Institutional Finance Agreement.


Fields of Research Priorities

•    Human health

•    Environmental sustainability and basic needs.

•    Leadership in energy and industry.

•    Economics of the future.



Applications will be received online starting from: 4-11/4/2023 AD (13-20/9/1444 AH) via the electronic link: Click here.

  • For inquiries and more information, please contact the program administration via the Program’s e-mail:




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