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It is known that the main function of the university is teaching and scientific research and qualifying graduates to serve the public and private sectors and society in general. There is no doubt that scientific research comes after teaching, because it is primarily responsible for the dissemination and development of various fields of scientific knowledge, and because it is a crucible of scientific outcome in virtue of its nature, location and role, therefore it must be qualified and able to be a leader of scientific research, as long as it has the basic quality units and the environment of interaction, creativity and development. Based on these principles, , King Saud University has devoted all the attention to develop scientific research in various fields of knowledge since its establishment, so it has become a prominent source of thought and scientific research not only within the Kingdom, but also in the Arab world.



Promoting the level of performance and quality in all works of the Deanship of Scientific Research.

The Message

To encourage distinct research work by providing an attractive and stimulating environment that supports excellence and creativity of researchers in all fields of knowledge to achieve global leadership.


  1. Preparing the strategic plan of scientific research.
  2. Developing the level of research work.
  3. Encouraging distinguished and creative researchers.
  4. Simplifying procedures and facilitating cooperation with research centers at the university.
  5. Cooperating with local and international research centers.
  6. Dedicating the concept of quality and continuous improvement of the Deanship activities.


  • Proposing the annual research plan of the university and preparing the necessary budget to submit it to the Scientific Council.
  • Proposing the regulations and procedures governing the scientific research at the university.
  • Approving research projects and following-up its implementation and arbitration and funding according to rules governing it.
  • Organizing cooperation with different research centers outside the university.
  • Cooperating with research centers at the university to avoid duplication of performance to improve the efficiency of the use of available materials.
  • Recommending the approval of the arbitrated published research in accordance with the arbitration and publishing rules of the University.
  • Encouraging faculty members and researchers to conduct innovative scientific research, and to create the means and research capabilities for them, especially the full-time students, and to enable them to finish their research in an appropriate scientific environment.
  • Organizing contacting the research centers outside the university and developing cooperation with them.
  • Establishing database for ongoing and finished researches and exchanging research information with universities and other research centers.
  • Preparing the annual report and the final account of the scientific research activity to submit it to the Vice Rectorate for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research.
  • Following -up the researches funded by other sectors outside the university within its competence.
  • Forming specialized committees as needed.
  • Reviewing all referred by the University Rector or Vice Rectorate for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research
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