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Rules governing published research in periodicals indexed in the web of science database

Rules of funding published research in periodicals indexed in the web of science database


  • To fund published articles it must include the acknowledgment of the Research Center of Female Scientific and Medical Colleges and affiliation with university without acknowledging other supporting parties within the university, in the following format:

 This research project was supported by a grant from the "Research Center of the Female Scientific and Medical Colleges", Deanship of Scientific Research, King Saud University

  • ​ articles with a citation ratio of 25% or more are not accepted. ​


  • Research published in Q4 in the bottom10% of journals - (according to the Average Journal Impact Factor Percentile) is not accepted for all scientific journals included in the Web of Science-ISI databases.


  • The number of co -author from outside the university should not exceed double the number from the university, except researches published in the first quarter (Q1).


  • ​ In case the Correspondent author at King Saud University, It is necessary to use the affiliation with King Saud University and also to use the official e-mail of the university


  • The applicant should not have an existing research group. ​The research should be published permanently in a scientific periodical, indexed in the Web of Science databases and explained the following: date of publication, research article number and page numbers.


  • ​ Not to publish more than two papers in one periodical per year, except the research published in the first quarter periodical (Q1).


  • ​ Papers published in Hijacked Journals are not accepted.


  •  Accepted ​ published researches for fund are arbitrated Research Article.


  • ​ Review Articles published in Q1 periodicals are accepted, if the applicant is the first author and correspondent.


  • Articles are funded only in the same fiscal year.


  • Filling out the published research form   


  • Adding the published research to scientific production warehouse
    • Sending the form and a print out from adding the research on scientific production warehouse with a PDF copy of the paper that fulfilled conditions to the following email:



Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:31am