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Mechanism for Program Submission

  • The students should fill in the Undergraduate Research Support Project” application form found on the URSP Website.
  • The students should send the completed application form to the program’s email (prior to the cycle’s deadline).
  • Submitted proposals undergo academic review and arbitration.
  • The principal investigator (the student researcher) should complete the required adjustment from the referee.
  • The Program’s Supervision Committee finalizes decisions on which projects are eligible for support.
  • In case the student does not nominate a faculty supervisor in the application form, the Program’s Supervision Committee will nominate a suitable advisor for his/her project from the supervisor’s database available in the program.
  • The contract will be signed between the Deanship of Scientific Research and the student – or main researcher in case the research project is not individual – and the faculty member supervising the research.

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